TDA members fought wind and waves to bring help and hope to their neighbors

CEDAR PARK, TEXAS (September 13, 2017)–August of 2017 will go down in history as the month that would change the landscape of our state forever.  Hurricane Harvey blew into Texas at Rockport, before continuing East up the coast line and parking over southeast Texas.  It began to rain—such an interminable downpour the likes of which had not been witnessed in generations.  Live were lost, homes were lost, equipment was lost, but hope was never was, thanks to the thousands upon thousands of volunteers across the state who have reached out to make all the difference in the world to their fellow neighbor. That Harvey hit our state is a tragedy, indeed.  But it has also given us the opportunity to shine as beacons of generosity, love, friendship, and showing the world just what it means to be a Texan.

“The degree to which TDA members stepped up to the plate to offer resources, equipment, donations, or even lodging at their own ranches has been tremendous,” said Patrick Tarlton, executive director of the Texas Deer Association (TDA).  We’ve witnessed such an outpouring of support from memberships, and we are ready and willing to pass that on to any who finds themselves in a difficult situation after Harvey,” said Patrick.

In addition to calling through its entire list of members, TDA quickly created #DeerRelief—an online database that allowed members to either offer assistance or to seek it out from other members.

“In the deer industry, we aren’t just competitors, we are family. I’m proud of the way our Association jumped into action to create #DeerRelief for Hurricane Harvey victims,” said TDA President Mark Hubbard. “Since its creation, hundreds of people have accessed our link, giving us the ability to connect with members from every portion of the affected areas of Texas.”

A number of TDA board, former board, staff and membership set out to deliver in-person assistance during the darkest days of Hurricane Harvey and its aftermath.  These hometown heroes selflessly have given of themselves and their resources to try and help their fellow Texans.  From helping clear debris in Rockport, helping at an evacuee processing center in Vidor, to driving boats in Beaumont, to directing supplies and managing centers in Cleveland to flying supplies to communities completely cut off by flood waters all over southeast Texas, our members have stepped up to the plate to do their part.

“Harvey may have hit us with its worst, but we are pushing back with our very best,” said Hubbard. “And TDA members and staff are leading the way, every step of the way.”

The path to rebuilding will lives, facilities, businesses, and normalcy will certainly take months, perhaps even years.  But TDA is committed to helping out deer breeders every step of the way.  If you or someone you know in the deer business has been impacted by Hurricane Harvey, please ask them to visit us at: