Where can you find the country’s best deer genetics and the some of the country’s best people? Look no further than Antler Fest 2018! The Texas Deer Association’s Antler Fest 2018 continued the new year in grand fashion with the event extending to two full days of auctions, seminars, and entertainment at a new location in San Marcos, Texas.

The event centered around the celebration of great momentum in our industry – unity and an uptick in the market were the talk of the show! Antler Fest 2018 brought some of the best genetics from all across the country here to Texas. It is one of the three largest shows of any deer industry across the country. Antler Fest 2018 was made up of every size, type, and style of consignor and deer in Texas, which is a sight to behold. Our auctions showcased some of the best lots in our industry – only further proving the established prowess of this event. Our consignors at these auctions showed their support of the Texas Deer Association by bringing their best deer to market. The quality of the lots in 2018 was undeniable and can be seen throughout the auction catalog. In case you missed this year’s event, check back through the auction catalog for a taste of what the years to come will bring.

For the first time ever, we were able to showcase the maternal power of our does in this industry. With the themed night dubbed “Ladies Night,” Friday night hosted some of the best bred does for sale in 2018. No matter the look you were after, you were able to find the doe that was right for your herd at “Ladies Night.”

On Saturday, there was more of the same with the Antler Fest 2018 hitting full stride. Saturday also gave way to our donation and PAC auction as well as fan-favorite family casino night. We were dealt a nice hand this year as we had a full-house the entire weekend.

The bid cards were hot with the Antler Fest deer and donation auctions grossing over $1 million! We are blessed to have such a great family of industry members supporting each other – and the association!

Antler Fest is without a doubt going to be a great start for 2018 for many deer breeders, but it is so much more than that. Antler Fest is also a great opportunity to raise money for the Texas Deer Association to continue improving the overall quality of deer herds across this great state of Texas. Not only do we raise money for our association and its mission but also for our political action committee and for scholarships. Here at the Texas Deer Association, we understand the importance of giving back and what that can mean for the future of our herds. If we don’t invest in our future children, students, hunters, ranchers, and deer breeders – and instill in them the importance of our mission – we are missing out on a real chance at growth and prosperity.

Texas Deer Association would like to thank our wonderful sponsors, without whom none of this would have been possible. Big thanks to all of the donating sponsors as well.

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This will surely be noted as one of the best deer shows of 2018. We want to thank all of our sponsors who supported us this year and every year. Without them, we would not have been able to grow this event and continue growing year after year. We hope to see you before the next Antler Fest but if we don’t, stay tuned into all things Texas Deer Association for dates, important news, and information.