Image By: David Suscy

As the 88th session of the Texas Legislature is winding down, we are pleased to announce the passage of SB 1372. For complete history and text of the bill please click here.
This bill only effects CWD positive facilities, and it transfers the burden of the cost of depopulations from the deer breeder to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. This bill was supported by the chairmen of the committees overseeing TPWD in the Texas Senate and The Texas House of Representatives. We are tremendously thankful for the leadership of Senator Charles Perry and Representative Trent Ashby, as well as every member of each of those committees.
The bill was sponsored by Chairmen Perry and Ashby and was the result of leadership of both oversight committees suggesting all stakeholders come together to do the right thing. Texas deer breeders strive to protect all Texas deer herds from all disease. Since June 2021, Texas Deer Breeders have tested more than 80,000 animals through a combination of antemortem and postmortem testing. Your efforts were rewarded with this legislation, which passed unanimously through the committees in the House and the Senate.
In addition to the efforts of our legislators, the TDA would like to thank the Texas Wildlife Association, the Deer Breeders Corporation, the Exotic Wildlife Association, the Texas Animal Health Commission, and The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department for their efforts and influence in this important legislation.